Junior Krav Maga

Junior Krav Maga

Ages 6-13

Are you looking for a program where your child will learn focus, self-discipline, respect, manners, and the importance of character … and REAL self-defense skills? Our program does all of that in a fun and safe environment!

Our Krav Maga martial arts program will give your child all the benefits of traditional martial arts training including, but not limited to, self-control, discipline, confidence, respect, and focus. Empathy, compassion, and leadership are core values we instill in our students.

Martial Arts have been proven to increase a child’s school performance and help them deal with challenging situations in life at school and at home, while giving them self-confidence in social settings.

Our Junior Krav Maga Program focuses on coordination and learning elements of self-defense… punches, palm strikes, use of elbows and knees, and kicks. Our students learn to defend against chokes, hair and wrist grabs, bear hugs, and assaults or abductions. We also focus on developing situational awareness, and proper response…discouraging bullying and allowing your child to have options when defending themselves. Our goal is to teach them to use their intellect and common sense…before self-defense…in a difficult situation.

Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art, nor is it a sport. No katas. No rituals. Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, this reality-based system is designed to teach real self-defense in the shortest possible time. With continuous effort, you can expect your child to move from white to junior black-belt in 3-4 years.

Our program will give your child the competence through training to provide them with appropriate self-defense skills as well as the confidence to defend themselves…and equally important, the discipline to appropriately use the skills they have been taught. By cultivating the proper mindset and the physical skills needed to support it, you help keep your child safe even when you aren’t around.

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