Krav Maga

Krav Maga

Ages 13+

This program is for those with or without prior martial arts experience. Our community atmosphere sets us apart in that we insist on leaving ego at the door… our promise is that everyone who trains with us will learn and improve…regardless of age, gender, size, level of fitness, athleticism or experience through positive, encouraging, and collaborative training. In a comfortable, welcoming, and friendly training environment, our students find themselves surrounded with members from all walks of life and interests. Varying from different ages to different shapes and sizes, the Krav Maga training experience is designed for real people who want to learn how to deal with real-life threats and dangers.

Combined with partner work and holding drills, our students strike pads, but more importantly, break through barriers and work self-defense scenarios under a controlled but realistic environment. Our classes are exciting and energetic with a moderate pace and a high energy that is motivating. Students find a sense of camaraderie within the group and establish incredible self-worth. Fostering the ability to push through any given obstacle and lead themselves and others to safety is the driving motivation of all of our instructors. Krav Maga is the perfect combination of fitness and self-defense that can be used to empower one’s self.

Our adult curriculum is based on different class levels and includes, but isn’t limited to: stance and movement, combative techniques, hand and leg defenses, self-defense from chokes, headlocks and bearhugs, groundwork, sweeps, throws and takedowns, and weapons defenses (handgun, long gun, knife, stick and miscellaneous weapons.)

We have separate sessions for beginning, intermediate and advanced students, as well as regular special class sessions, such as sparring or grappling.

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